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SPHPAT stands for Small PHP Access Tools. The aim of these tools is to produce a set of tools that will make site security and admin very easy to do. The first tool available in this range is the User Manager. Features of SPHPAT - Easy to implement : Simple forms and session management, mean that it is easy to keep users logged in on your website. - Adaptable Text Based DB : All the user details are kept in a single text file. This is easy to update, and upgrade due to the simple structure. - Sessions : This means that all your links in the member area automatically include the user details (hidden) so authentication is easy. - Completely Integratable : The NEW modular structure of SPHPAT means that you can integrate the system into your current site in minutes. - Upgradable Text System : Due to the method of user info storage, as much information about the user can be stored and accessed. Tools to allow you to do this on the web will be coming shortly. - Unlimited users : You can have unlimited users on your site. Beware, the more users that you have the slower the system becomes - RUN LEVELS (NEW) : now you have a variable to play around with to categorise your users (v0.6) - Easy Update Procedure

Language: PHP


Authentication - Authentication System - Authentication Tool - Password - Password Protect Page - System

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