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PHP_SMB is an extension for PHP written in C built on smbval (SMB validating library) to authenticate users against SMB servers. The server and backup parameters specify the primary and backup domain controller; but in fact, this can be any machine (even SAMBA) which can handle authentication on port 139. You should make sure the machines name has a proper DNS entry. If you want to specify a server and a domain but no backup server just pass an empty string. The default domain when not passed is WORKGROUP. The return value can be one of these defined constants: - (bool)true - user validated successfully - SMB_ERROR_LOGON - wrong username/password or user doesn't exist - SMB_ERROR_PROTOCOL - error while communicating with the server - SMB_ERROR_CONNECT - no connection could be established - SMB_ERROR_UNKNOWN - you'll rarely see this one ...

Language: PHP


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