Raptor: Website Management 1.I

By: Eric
Version: 1.I




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Real-Time Tuning / Do you know where on your website your visitors are going? Do you know what they're clicking? Do you know what percentage of your traffic is going to your ads, traffic trades, your menu? Not only will you know all of this and more, but you can make changes in real-time to see how they affect the traffic on your site. Watch as a simple change to your main page sends visitors in another direction. Running a new ad and want it to get noticed? Want to send a specific amount of traffic to an ad or any link on your site per hour? How about specifying the amount of traffic for every hour of the day? Which graphic on your ad will send the most views? Raptor can track and show productivity for any image/link/etc. in real-time. / Major Features / Everything in Raptor is real-time, from page generation and statistics to tracking and logging. / Track everything. trades, static links, pop-ups, skimmed traffic, incoming URLs, and much more! / Raptor's administration console was created for webmasters -- not engineers. Everything is fully explained and within easy reach without being overly complex. / Real-time graphs give you instant feedback - make a change and watch what happens. / One of a Kind / When it comes to Website Management, nothing exists like Raptor. In development for over two years, Raptor is running on hundreds of websites, many exceeding 400,000 visitors per day. We're continually adding features, tweaking trading algorithms, innovating and testing Raptor on high-traffic established websites to make it the best product available. We know what works, and we've put it all into Raptor. /


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