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Change Language Automatically According to the Visitor Country 1.0.1

This simple code demonstrates how to change automatically site language, according to the visitor's country. If you implement this script in your...

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Simple Redirection

This article has small code for redirecting your site to any HTML site using HTTP. You can customize it in your system with the help of given small...

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Redirecting the Web Browser with PHP

This article guides you how to redirect your web browser using PHP. You just give the website address where to link as shown in code snippet....

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PHP Auto Redirection

This article describes how to create auto redirection using PHP. This article has small sample code to make it function in your site. You just need...

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Ideas on how to use header() function to redirect your user

This PHP article is intended to give a better introduction for the header functions of PHP. The author has dealt with the concepts on how to...

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