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Download File with a Speed Limit in PHP

This snippet allows you set a limitation for download rate of the file that visitors download from your site.

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Get File Extension in PHP

This code allows to pass filename in the $file_name variable and function will return file extension only.

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Get File Path Data in PHP

You may retrieve all needed file path data using PHP's built-in function pathinfo. You don't need to create your own functions or use regular...

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Writing a File Upload Class

This is a tutorial and an article which makes users to create a file upload class. This article allows setting of the upload directory, upload log...

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Uploading a file in PHP

This is a tutorial and an article where users can upload any file types in php. In this article the Files are uploaded from the browser using a...

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Uploading files VIA FTP

Uploading files VIA FTP is a simple tutorial in which the author demonstrates about the method of uploading the files by using FTP. The author...

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Upload Class

This is a software based on php which creates pages for uploading files and images in webserver through web browser on any website. Features like...

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Simple file parsing

This is a tutorial where users can parse a file with php functions. This tutorial helps users by providing more tips about file parsing process...

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Multiple pages of data from a text file

This is a tutorial where users can store their data in the text file. This tutorial defines a default page and decides how much data should be...

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Form-Based Image Upload

This is a tutorial and an article where image uploading process can be done by the users when they use the tips provided in this article. This...

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File Processing: Introduction

This is a tutorial and an article which teaches users for storing their data, manipulating and for changing them according to their wish. There are...

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File Uploading in PHP 4

This is a tutorial where users can upload files to their server by using php and a html form. This article helps users for the process of uploading...

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Easy File Uploads

This is a tutorial on file manipulation which helps users in creating the file upload system. This tutorial provides security for the files that...

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