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SQLite: A Lightweight Alternative

In this article, the author gives his views about MySQL and other RDBMS which are useful for large scale or multi-user applications. But the SQLite...

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Using PHP and MySQL

The author explains the basics of MySql and shows the basics of how to add, edit, delete and list records from a database with some sample PHP code...

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Using PHP with ODBC

Using PHP with ODBC is a simple tutorial that provides an insight for the ODBC functions of PHP in extracting data from SQL server database. You...

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Using PostgreSQL With PHP

This article gives a introduction to PostgreSQL, prerequisites, connecting to PostgreSQL from PHP, using pg_query() to create a table, inserting...

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Uploading, Saving and Downloading Binary Data in a MySQL Database

This is a tutorial which tells the users about storing binary files in a mySQL database with php. This tutorial explains the users about setting up...

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The MySQL Grant Tables

This article shows the five MySQl control tables that is user, db, host, tables_priv and columns_priv tables. The author describes the amount of...

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Static HTML Generation With PHP

In this article, the author gives some PHP scripted code functions for reducing your MySQL database queries and makes your website run fastly. The...

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SQL Theory & How-To

SQL Theory & How-To is an article that gives the answer to the two questions ie- how to Create complex, powerful, queries to take advantage of your...

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SQL execution time

In this article, the author gives some codes and programmes to display the time spent for SQL queries and overall percentage of time for MySQL only...

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Slash 'em: The War Against Magic Quotes

This tutorial gives a solution to solve the problem of avoiding errors in SQL syntax normally one would get when switching web servers. The author...

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Script Web databases quickly with PHP scripting language

Script Web databases quickly with PHP scripting language is a tutorial which teaches about how PHP is useful and flexible script that programmes...

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Random MySQL result-set

Random MySQL result-set is a PHP based tutorial for creating database related result tables. It requires MySQL database for storing and retrieving...

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Printing leaf items

In this article, the author illustrated with some simple programmes and tables for storing datas in a tree menu structure. The author gives...

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PHPLIB and multiple databases

This is a tutorial which tells the users about creating an extension to PHPLIB and for accessing multiple databases using php. The author explains...

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PHP with mySQL introduction

In this article, the author gives PHP with MySQL introduction and explains the basic interaction with MySQL by making a link databse. Further the...

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PHP,MySQL Tutorial

PHP/MySQL Tutorial is an article with three parts. The first part covers the installation information for Unix and Windows. In the second part, the...

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PHP Mysql Tutorial for Beginners 1

Tutorial for beginners in php and mysql that will clearly show them the basics of working with mysql databases and php. It deals with basic stuff...

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PHP and Mysql for beginners

PHP and Mysql for beginners is an article for those who are making programmes at the beginners level. This tutorial deals with creating the...

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ODBC Socket Server

In this article, the author describes about ODBC Socket Server and configuring your machines by utilizing it. The author says that this needs two...

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MySQL Table Joins

MySQL Table Joins is a tutorial that teaches about the join command used in the MySQL. The author discusses in the following areas like cross join,...

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