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pHpWebziner is a Content Management System that helps build a website with no technical skills in html or css.It is suited for websites with rich content or content changed frequently, like e-magazines.pHpWebziner handles three types of content: - news, which are short pieces of information with no formatting, - articles, which are long pieces of information, structured and formatted, - editorials.News and articles are grouped within categories.Communication with the audience of the website is carried out by the comment manager that allows visitors to react to a news, to an article or to the editorial. Also, pHpWebziner allows visitors to post their information. And, with pHpWebziner, the siteowner can build a newsletter comprising the last news published on the website.A website built with pHpWebziner can share information with partner websites via the syndication system.The look of a website powered by pHpWebziner can be made very different from the look of other websites powered by pHpwebziner® thanks to the template system that enable full customization of the webpages.The Administration area gives access to: - the management of the functions of the system and its users - the editors, - the production of the content of the website - articles, news and editorials, - statistics that enable the siteowner to follow up the popularity of the content and of the editors.The Administration Area is multi-user and with multi-level rights access management.Installation - Unpack the distribution file. Then upload the items listed below to your server:    the content of the www directory must be placed in a directory accessible via the Web. Let us call this directory my_dir,    the pwz directory and its content must be placed in a directory named pwz on your server, in an area not http accessible via the Web, if possible. You must modify the www/pwz_path.php to include the pwz directory full path on your server. - Change the file permission of the pwz/data.php file to 777 on your server for the installation. - Browse homepage This will: build the pwz/data.php configuration file, create the pHpWebziner MySQL tables. - When configuration is finished or, at the latest, before your pHpWebziner website is on line, delete the setup directory and its content. Next change pwz/data.php and www/pwz_path.php file permission to 644. - Change pwz/tmp/newsletter.htm, pwz/tmp/*_newstype1.htm and pwz/tmp/*_newstype2.htm file permission to 777. - When you connect to the Administration area, other files of your installation will be checked. Please solve the problems reported (non existing files or bad file permissions) before bringing your pHpWebziner website online. 

Language: PHP


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