LANAI CMS 1.2.16

By: La-nai
Version: 1.2.16




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LANAI (La-Nai) is a CMS-like system that has basic modules, blocks, and templates. It is ready to create a Web site, but it has a new way of development called "Generated Framework", which means that a developer can generate module and source code from a command line script called "La-Mud". In just a few minutes, you can create your own module or database driven module.FeaturesUser managementNews managementGalleryPollsForumShopping CartContactsThemesFiles ExplorerJpopModulesRSSInstallationUnpack and upload to a directory on the webserver.Change permission 777 to all directories in 'datacenter', 'modules', 'theme' and 'blocks'.Browse to homepageIt will start web installation. Follow the instruction until finish.Delete 'install' directory after finish.

Language: PHP


Cms System - Content - Content Management - Framework - Management - Oop Framework

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