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Glossword Glossary Compiler helps you to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or reference.Features - Adding terms to dictionary by several people at the same time. - UTF-8 encoding. More than 400 languages can be used in a one dictionary at the same time. - Special mode for SEF links and other SEO enhancements. - Fast search engine can search cross words typed in any language, including Chinese. - Indexing and searching through millions of definitions. - Advanced search capabilities, stop words, query language. - Query words highlighting in the search results. - Support for a true transcription (e.g. 'dik?(?)nri, IPA standard). No self-made emulations needed. - Defining accents for words (e.g. fa´brika). - Printer-friendly version for a term. - Architecture is optimized for creating multiple dictionaries with one installation. - Multifunctional feedback form with CAPTCHA. - The ultimate guarantee of displaying webpages in any browser due to certified W3C XHTML 1.1 code and CSS 2.1 compliance. - Installation wizard. Installs, updates and even uninstalls the software. - The history of editing for terms. - Delayed postings. - Virtual keyboards. - Customizable alphabetic sorting. - Customizable visual themes with HTML-templates, CSS style sheets and additional multicolumn rendering mode for the list of terms. - Automatically generated alphabetical index for dictionary. - Export/Import dictionaries in XML and CSV format. - Configurable 2-level cache engine improves productivity for an HTML-output. - Invisible links to e-mails against mail robots. - Internal logging system. - Built-in maintenance tasks. - Every comprehensive task such as recounting the number of added terms per user, runs separately and it helps to balance server load.Installation - Unpack the package to local machine. Use a tool like 7-Zip to extract archive files. - Upload the contents of folder /glossword/1.x to a remote hosting. - Set writing permission 0777 for folder /glossword/gw_temp and subfolders gw_temp/t, gw_temp/a, gw_temp/gw_cache_sql, gw_temp/gw_export,gw_temp/gw_logs. - Set writing permission 0666 for file /db_config.php - If your site is domain.tld and Glossword is installing into root directory then the link to installation will be homepage 

Language: PHP


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