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Fusion News is a File-based (no database needed) news management system, giving you the opportunity to provide an easy way to keep visitors up-to-date with the latest information about your site, without needing FTP access. You can also use it as a blogging system. General featuresPost News Categories allow posts to be categorised into different sections Full news, to split it long news posts into smaller pieces Edit news item Create users with different user levels Comment system - people can comment on the news you published Preview news before you publish it Send the news to a friend BBCode like [b][/b] for bold text and [i][/i] underlined text Smileys to make your news entry more personal News archive News search facility Image uploading to host images on your own web space Complete XHTML 1.1 Validity InstallationUpload all of the files located in the 'upload' directory to a directory on your website.The installation script has been create to make it as easy to use as possible, and with the least amount of user input necessary. To begin the installation process, go to the install.php file through your web browser. If your domain name is homepage and you uploaded Fusion News to a directory called 'news', you would type in the address homepage From there, you can follow the instructions. Once you have installed Fusion News, please make sure you delete the install.php file to prevent any one from attempting to reinstall Fusion News. Requirements: · The following are required for Fusion News to function: · PHP 4.1 or better · The following are optional, but add extra functionality to Fusion News, each of which are explained. · GD Library 2.0 or better to generate visual confirmation for comments to prevent web bots from posting spam. · File uploads enabled. Allows images to be uploaded when adding a new post, so they can be shown in the post.

Language: PHP


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