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CP-Whois 1.0

This is an user-friendly networking tool using which you can easily check the availability of the domain names. This tool displays the available...

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IP and Domain Tools Script 1.0

This IP and Domain Tools script is an easy to use and install php script.

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Whois 1.V

The Whois is a simple domain checking script which can be used for checking the availability of domain names in any of the top level domains...

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Topdog Domain Check Script 3.1.2001

The Topdog Domain Check Script is a whois script written using PHP and this version is included with TLD's. The other main features available in...



Sam's Whois

This is a program that enables users to have a system for retrieving information for who is query. This will be useful for the users to know...

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phpWhois 3.0.6

The PHP Whois, in this new version supports the shared registry system, with top level domains like .INFO and .BIZ and over hundreds of country...

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PHP Domain Class

The PHP Domain Class is a simple Whois script that has the capability to check for the domain name availability in 254 different domain servers...

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Particle Whois 1.0.0

This is a PHP built networking tool to look on whois database for extracting domain information like the name of registrar, contact details,...

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Mag's Whois Class 1.0

Check to see if a domain name is available or not with this website. See the whois of the domain if it is not available.

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Ep Dev Whois 1.IV

The Ep Dev Whois is a PHP based script which returns whois information on any domains. It can also be used to check the availability of certain...

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Country identification with IP

The Country identification with IP is a simple but useful script which helps you in locating the country of a particulat IP address. The...

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