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Our BPMLM Script is a multi-level marketing software with 5 types of bonuses, binary tree (2 legs) organization, weekly commissions calculation and auto-shipping orders.

Member Panel
Products - A partner can login and view the list of products on sale, add products to cart and pay for products.
Partners can also view and purchase product packages.
My Orders - Partner can view the list of the orders with the availability to search according to order date.
Tree - Partner can view a graphical and tabular genealogy tree of him self and participants below him.
Clients - Partner can view a list of his clients - (partners below him on the tree).
Commissions - Partner can view a list of his commissions according to week number, the list is divided according to the commission type.
Organize Under Members - On this page participant can add members to his tree and choose if it will be to the right or left side.
Auto Ship - Partner can set monthly and annually orders he will receive.

Admin Panel
Site Settings - On this page admin can define some variables the site will use such as the bonus maximum value and define registration fee.
Static Pages - On this page the admin can define the content of pages.
Countries - Admin can manage the country list.

Admins - Admin can manage the list of users with admin permissions.
Clients - Admin can view and manage the clients on the site.
Partners - Admin can view a list of all partners that are registered on the site.
Partner Ranks - Admin can manage the list of ranks (partner level).
Tree - Admin can view the tree of all partners.

Products Management - Admin can manage the products with product name, description, prices and more.
Package Types - Admin can create package types.
Packages - Admin can manage the products in every package.

Payment Settings - Admin can manage the payment types available on the site.
Shipping Companies - Admin can manage the shipping companies that will be available on the site.
Transactions - Admin can view the list of transactions.
Auto ship - Admin can view a list of all set auto ships.
Taxes - Admin can manage a tax list according to country.
Orders - Admin can view all order and filter by dates and type.

Commissions - Admin can view a list of users with the users commissions.
Calculate Commissions - Admin can start a commission calculation.

Emails Management - Admin can manage the email templates.

Languages - Admin can manage the list of languages that will be available on the site.
Constants - Admin can view the wording for each language.

Reports - Admin can view a list of reports such as: Phone Book, Sales & Orders, Inventory, Tree, Partners, Commissions, Taxes, Partners Position, Partner Level, Income Statement.
Autoships - Admin can view a list of all autoships needed to be sent out.

Main Features:

* Complex marketing plan
* 5 types of bonuses
* Graphical presentation of downline (binary tree)
* Integrated e-Commerce to buy products online
* Weekly commissions calculation
* UPS shipping calculation
* Sales taxes calculation
* Heavy reporting in Admin Panel
* Printing of checks


Mlm Script - Multi-Level Marketing Software

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