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phpWebSite Gallery Plug-in 1.III

digi-FX's phpWebSite Gallery Plug-in is for webmasters or shutterbugs who want to add a little personal touch to their current phpWebSite 0.8.2+...

By: Andrew Homepage


phpws_mail 2.0.2

phpws_mail provides features to send message / files between users and site owner on PHP embedded websites. Support CC and BCC functions with...

By: Michael Cannon Homepage


phpwsBB 0.8.1

phpwsBB is a PHP based bulletin board tool that helps to maintain the content management on PHP websites. You can enable to add / edit/ delete new...

By: Don Seiler Homepage


phpwsListings 0.3.1

phpwsListings is a set of PHP modules that helps to list your products and anything that have to be listed on site pages. Admin supports any kind...

By: Wendall Cada Homepage


Mailing Lists 0.5.1

Mailing Lists is a PHP embedded script that support CMS 0.9.3-1 or greater on PHPwebsites. This tool implements sending mass mails to the same...

By: Greg Meiste Homepage


List Users 1.IX

List Users is a PHP embedded tool that is used to view the registered user list on PHP website. MySQL maintains all user details. User emails can...

By: Michael Cannon Homepage


Kazam Admin Centre 3.2.2003

Kazam Admin Centre offers PHP designed modules to display total scripts on a single admin page. Features support skins and layouts for defining...

By: Kazam Webdesign Homepage


FireScripts for phpWebSite 1.0.0

FireScripts! - for phpWebSite offers two different scripts for hpWebSite.

By: Brian Kennedy Homepage


E-Gold Mass Payment 2.0

E-Gold Mass Payment implements PHP features to through all the online payments for all products via a single page. This provides a form to buyers /...

By: V2gold Ltd Homepage


anti Spam Mechanism 1.0

anti Spam Mechanism is a PHP driven program that can be included on your PHP websites to ensure secured based access. It displays a randomized code...

By: Mark Rigby Homepage