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Yellow Pages Module 1

Yellow Pages Module is a Unix compatible script that features: category,subcategory-add/edit/del, Mylist-Add/Edit/Del, Search, advance search,...

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Yellow pages for nuke system

This yellow pages module is a script which developed for PHP Nuke as addons. The main features of this script are, enter/ remove the entries,...

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Wherebisdu 1.V

Wherebisdu is used to find the place where the site visitor is located. This site is tested for PHP Nuke. It allows user to track the number of...

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Weekly top 5 stories 1.0

This module is used and tested for PHP nuke add-on. This script is used to view top five read stories in the last week. This script also counts the...

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Top 5 Submitters 1.0

Top 5 submitter is a PHP nuke addon that helps webmasters to find the top submittings from their site visitors. This script also counts number of...

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RPG Races Module 1.9 cat

RPG Races is a PHP Nuke Module. This script is for role playing sites to view the information of races. This script is basically for PHP Nuke. This...

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Quran Modules

This script is useful to view translation of quran from urdu into english. This script is used for PHP Nuke. It has different passages of quran in...

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Pub Voice 1.0

Pub voice is used for PHP Nuke add-on. Pub voice is used to view the comments passed by the visitors to your site. It helps webmasters to receive...

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PHP-Nuke with NSNCart by 12th Level Studio 6.0.1

This script is used to fix the problems with the HTML file which is invalid. These files will be stored and read from database. It generates thumbs...

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OSC -Nuke 3.0

This script is used for php nuke. It has many features like, multiple picture per product, image manager, multiple category per product, printable...

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Nuke Cards

Nuke Cards is a PHP nuke addon software for sending greeting messages and wishes to all your clients, customers and friends. Only registered...

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Nuke Cops Analyzer 1.89.9

This script is used for checking the vulnerabilities in PHP and MySQL database and finally it send you a report if someone need to patch it. It is...

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Nuke Wrap

Nukewrap is used for PHP nuke module. This script enables the webcontents in any types like, php, perl, asp scripts, galleries, html etc., This...

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NukeAddOn 0.2

NukeAddOn is a simple PHP-nuke addon designed to support postnuke .702. The latest version of this script is enhanced with a lot of security code...

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Newsletter addon for PHP Nuke

This script is a simple newsletter used for php nuke. It allows webmaster to send their messages through newsletter to their visitor. Visitors can...

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MyNukeGenealogy 0.3.0b

MyNukeGenealogy, a PHP-Nuke module to manage and display genealogical data. The module itself (current version is 0.3.0b) can be downloaded.

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MRWhois as PHP-Nuke module 1.0

This is the PHP-Nuke module version of MRWhois. It is easy to install. Nothing has to be changed, just upload two files and you are ready to go....

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Magnish Image Gallery

Magnish Image Gallery is used for PHP Nuke. This gallery converts image files into thumbnail using GD library. Magnish Image Gallery accepts Gif,...

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Last phpBB posts 1.0

This script is used for PHP Nuke. It shows you the comments of the past number of posts submitted by your site visitors through phpBB Forum in a...

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Install PHP Nuke 6.0

This module offers with the features like, broadcast messages, automatic installation process, journal modules, icons, bugs fixed, webmail and...

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