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PHPRPMs is a collection of RPM packages that add various PHP extensions to the PHP that you have as a part of your RPM-based Linux Distribution (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, WhiteBox or Fedora Core). The advantages of this approach are: - you don't have to rebuild PHP from the source if you just need one of the less-frequently used or non-GPL extensions; - since you don't rebuild PHP, you get to keep your "factory" PHP packages with all distro-specific patches and, what's more important, - you can continue to receive the standard updates for the "factory" PHP packages via RHN / up2date / yum At the moment, you can download the following extensions as RPMs (source RPMs for non/GPL): - php-accelerator: ionCube PHP Accelerator, packaged as RPM - php-APC: Advanced PHP Cache - a PHP Intermediate Code cache similar to ionCube PHPA and Turck MMCache - php-APD: Advanced PHP Debugger - a debugger and profiler for PHP. - php-dbase: a set of functions that let you read and write .DBF (dBase) data files - php-fdftk: an interface to Adobe Systems Inc. FDF Toolkit - a library that lets you create and parse data for/from PDF Forms - php-filepro: functions that let you read filePro files - php-imagick: a wrapper to ImageMagick image processing library - php-mailparse: a library for parsing and decoding email - php-mcrypt: an interface to libmcrypt - an encryption library - php-mhash: an interface to libmhash - a library that provides uniform access to several hash algorithms that can be used to compute checksums, message digests, and other signatures - php-mssql: an interface to FreeTDS Library - an opensource implementation of Tabular Data Stream protocol - native client-server protocol used by Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. - php-pcntl: Unix-style process control functions for PHP - php-SQLite: one of the PHP5 "hot" items, SQLite database engine, packaged for your PHP 4.

Language: C/C++


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