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This set of scripts is intended to build a dictionary of words, to make an index or spell-checker or to create bases of words for tools that build a list of keyword from a web page. The main script builds a list of all the words inside a text. Other scripts are provided to remove doubloons, merge lists, add words, etc... - WORDIT Makes a sorted list of all the words from a text file. - ADDIT Adds to a list, a word or a file of words. Doubloons are removed, the final list is sorted out. - WORDNUM Makes a dictionary of the words from a text file, each line holding a couple as keyword : value where words are keywords, and number of occurences the values. The dict is sorted by values. - WORDADD Adds a word or a file of words to a dict. - DICT2ARR Converts a dictionary to a single sorted list of words. - DSORT Sorts a dictionary by number of occurence. - NODOUBLE Removes doubloons from a list. - COUNTER Counts words in a list. - REMOVER Removes a word from a list. - SEARCHER Searches for a word in a list. - WORDS Counts words in a text file.

Language: PHP


Dictionary - Dictionary Maker - Dictionary Script - Dictionary Tool - Maker - Utility

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