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Slooze is a web-based photo album for the display of photos and other pictures on web sites in an organised, catalogued, searchable manner. Slooze is simple to set up and use, yet well-structured and extensible enough to support large, complex image archives.The software is simple enough for novices to set up and use, yet well-structured and extensible enough to support large and complex image archives via customisation.UsersUsers of Slooze fall in to two categories. Web site builders implement Slooze on their site in order to make photo collections available on their site. Web browsers visit web sites that have implemented Slooze, in order to find and view photos.Features for BrowsersThese are the basic features provided by Slooze for visitors who browse the photo album:Hierarchical CatalogueThe hierarchical catalogue organises photos into topics. Each topic may contain further topics, or photos, or a mixture of both. Topics may be nested to arbitrary depth.SearchThe search function allows images to be located by searching the image metadata.ThumbnailsIn the hierarchical catalogue and search results, images are presented as thumbnails. Each thumbnail is a hyperlink that leads to the corresponding full-size image.Image DisplayThe image display function displays a full-size individual image along with all the related metadata.CommentsUsers can add comments to pictures. An unlimited number of comments can be added to each picture, and all comments are shown along with the picture each time it is displayed.Features for Web site BuildersThese are the basic features provided by Slooze for builders of web sites:Web-based AdminWeb-based administration allows: - Creating, editing, deleting topics. - Creating, editing, deleting image metadata. Creation and deletion of images themselves (and manipulation of the files containing them on the server) is outside the scope of Slooze.CustomisableSlooze produces no direct HTML output. All output is returned as text strings. You may output the string directly, or may choose to process it further, perhaps by using it as part of a template-based page.Slooze assumes no page design architecture (for example tables or frames), and produces the most general output possible.Output fragments produced by Slooze validate to HTML 4.0 Strict, when placed in a suitable container. Slooze output uses HTML 4.0 and CSS 1 only. In particular, Slooze output uses no scripting languages (for example JavaScript or VBScript) and no embedded objects (for example Java applets or ActiveX objects).ExtensibleSlooze is modular and hence is easily extended to include new types of image data.

Language: PHP


Album - Catalogue - Image Galleries - Photo - Photo Album - Photo Catalogue

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