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Photo rating software allows you to set up your own "Hot or not" script type site. A great component to add interactivity to your website - keep your members coming back! The Photo rating software lets members rate each other's profiles (including photos, descriptions, etc.) and leave comments for the profile owner. This Photo rating software displays an image and the visitor is invited to vote it. The Photo rating software cycles through images and ranks them by the greatest number of HOT votes. An added feature the Top 100 and New 100 list is clickable to view the image and details.Web photo rating software Key Features:- Allow members to rate each other's pictures.- Users can rate pictures from 1 to 5 and see all voting results.- Users can scip any pictures.- Users can vote for the pictures only one time in day.- Users can see all others pictures of each owner.- Allow Users to add comments with each pictures. Comments are displayed publicly for people to see.- Users can see Top 100 photo for each group.- Users can see New 100 photo for each group.- Users can see the Top photo for each group.- New members email verification.- Users can Email a link picture to a friend.- Users can see stats of photo ratings.- Users can see total number of photos in the each group.- Users can see photos, votings and comments statistics for time interval past 24 Hours, 7 days, 30 days and total.- Users can see last logged in each owners photos.- Site clean system allow users one click send message to admin about broken, copyrighted, or inappropriate pictures.- Forgot password reminder.- News subscribe.- Multi languages.Web photo rating software members Control Panel Features:- Highly developed multiple image upload engine.- Members can add unlimitade number of pictures.- All members have access to their account and they can add pics and modify them.- Create a profile to tell others more about yourself.- Ability to update your info at any time.- Check to see your pic's ratings.- Members can see their own rating and comments that have been submitted to their profile.- Members can add comment for each own photos.- Members can delete users comments.Web photo rating software administrators control panel features:- Create unlimitade number of photos groups. Male, Female, Cars, Flowers, Pets etc...- Make descriptions for each group.- Review, edit or delete users.- Review, edit or delete photos.- Review, edit or delete comments.- Simple design customization. Webmaster can effortlessly change site style, color and insert images via the admin control panel.- Mass mailer and newsletter functions allow send mails and news to members emails.- Browse user accounts.- Browse image database.- Allows to approve user-submitted images before they are added to the site.- Allows to approve user-submitted comments before they are added to the site.- Members photos rotate system. 90CW 90CCW 180.- Auto resaise logistic photos convert system.- Photos, votings and comments statistics for time interval past 24 Hours, 7 days, 30 days and total.- Moderate add comments automaticaly on site or only aproved by admin.- Broken, copyrighted, or inappropriate pictures moderate system.- Photos search system.- Mails template system.- Meta tegs setup.- Registration form setup.- Manage news subscribers members.- Create unlimitade number of site pages.- Manage site content.- Multi languages.


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