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Free guestbook with anti spam features, IP blocker, text blocker, captcha and daily backup. You can edit and delete comments, customize text, background and link colors.


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Markit's Simple Guestbook 1.0

This is a php guestbook program where users can give a comment and they can get feedback from their website. The header, css, templates and footer...

By: Markit Homepage


GuestBook Script PHP 1.0

If you are looking for GuestBook for your website, you've come to the right place. GuestBook Script PHP is an easy to install and use script.

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Lcs guestbook 1.II

This is a powerful php guestbook software that provides a password protected administration interface. Here users can post comments, opinions and...

By: Lamacomputersystems Homepage


Artmedic Gastebuch 1.I

This is a php software and a guestbook where visitors can make several number of postings in a guestbook through a web interface. In this script...

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PcP Guestbook 3.0

This is a php guestbook software where webmasters can have a control over the users postings made by them in guestbooks. Features like reference...

By: Dreamcodes Homepage


Electron's Guestbook 1.0b

This is a php guestbook software that permit users to specify unlimited number of entries and webmaster can control the users activities on...

By: Electron Homepage


GN Commenter 0.82

An include script that allows visitors to add their name and comments to a web page and view others' comments. Can be modified to be a guestbook or...

By: Homepage


Build Your Own Flash Web Site

Build your flash web site in minutes. Keep it as a sub domain or copy the files and put them on your own domain. Included for free downloads are...

By: Dennis Homepage


Perl Tutorial :

This is an introductory tutorial on Perl that assumes that you know HTML. Perl allows you to run programs on a server and make web pages do...

By: Olav Alexander Mjelde Homepage


Fresh Guest Book MySQL 1.0

This is a perl guestbook program where the users can create their own guestbook and can change the layout with 42 color variables. This script...

By: Webfresh Homepage