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We've all witnessed the crazy success of the fast growing pimp game sites this past few years, some of those sites reaching over 100,000 users and making lots of money... Now you have the oppurtunity to do it yourself! You can now buy such a game, featuring all the Pimp gang management options, like, recruiting hoes and thugs, buying weapons and drugs on the black market, attacking other Pimps to gain control of the city, traveling to another town or country with your crew, etc. Simply put, it's about controling the streets, and beating the crap out of each other!!. This is a free game for the players, but, as the owner of the game, you give them the opportunity to buy extra turns (via paypal, or other payment methods), if they wanna be more efficient. And that's where the money is!!! Not to mention that you also can start advertising on the site, and make easy extra cash... The incentive of the game would be a prize for the #1 pimp at the end of the game period (You decide on this) and maybe smaller prizes to other pimps that did OK (like free turns..)


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