Cinema Flash Video Component 1.0

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Advanced FLV Flash video player component for your Flash projects. This FLV player and Flash component is fully customizable, includes 100% of the source code, and includes free updates. Please note that the Flash applet has a different design and feature set from this component, but an applet version of this component is in development.

* This component is installed in the Flash 8 Pro extension manager. Thus, it requires the Flash development environment (IDE), and is intended for Flash developers only.
* After installation in the extension manager, the component is available in the Flash Components panel, for direct dragging to the Flash stage.
* Many options are settable in the component properties panel after dragging the component to the stage, including labels, looping, buffer time, and others.
* 100% of the Flash 8 Pro source code is included with the purchased version of this script, including the MXP, MXI, and FLV files, as well as a PDF API, and all other source code.
* Movies are buffered on load. Buffering text is configurable in the component parameters.
* Closed captioning option allows you to set text captions at various points of the movie timeline. Controls exist for volume CC (closed captioning), movie info, movie navigation.


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