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Quick Download v1 (QDL v1) is a hassle free, flatfile, php script to aid quick, secure delivery of digital downloads to your customers.
Your customer does not have to sign up or register to a secure area!
No forms to fill! Just click & go!!
When your customer has purchased a product, you as admin create a unique download link through the admin CP.
The link is emailed to your customer where they can then access their purchased product.
With the aid of 2 key features you can limit the amount of downloads allowed as well as set an expiry on the link.
All created links are encrypted using MD5 encryption.
Depending on the settings you choose, when a download has expired all data will be destroyed automatically helping to improve security!!
With the aid of a feature we call 'IP Tracking', All Downloads created through QDL can also be locked to the original customers IP Address.

Key Features:
* MD5 encryption
* Easy Customization
* Add Quick Download Link
* Edit Quick Download Link
* Download limit (Only allow file to be downloaded X amount of times)
* Expire (Force Download to expire in secs, mins, hours, days, months, years!)
* IP Tracking (Records the first click of a hit and locks the download to this IP)
* File Uploader (Mulit form uploader)
* File Viewer
* Logs (Every click on a download link is logged! view them here)
* Ban IP Address
* Clean Up (Removes expired data files)
* Email Extractor (Extract emails into a flatfile database ready for mass sending)
* Email Templates (Allows you to add, edit or delete)
* Settings (Allows you to edit the main config)


Download - Email - Expiry - Extractor - Ffdb - Flat File - Ip Banning - Limit - Limiter - Link Expire - Qdl - Quick - Syndikut

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