Components, Scripts, Codes: PHP / File Manipulation / Download Systems

FileShare 3

This software based on php lets user to have a control over the file transfers on your homepage. This script can be integrated with any websites....

By: Reyrey Homepage


Syndikut - Quick Download 1.0

Quick Download v1 (QDL v1) is a hassle free, flatfile, php script to aid quick, secure delivery of digital downloads to your customers.

By: Syndikut Scriptz Homepage


ZipSend v.5.2 5.012

ZipSend v.5.2 is almost exactly like the popular services called YouSendit, RapidShare, etc. How it works: For the administrator you can limit the...

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Unique Links Counter

You can use this PHP based Unique Links Counter to count the total number of visits acquired for a web page and the total number of times a file...

By: Cgixp Team Homepage


The Hunter 1.I

This script allows webmasters to see file infos of audio and video files through a easy web interface. Displays audio files like bitrate, sampling...

By: neondragon Homepage


Syndikut - Download Protector v1 1

Download Protector is a PHP, Anti-Leech script. / Simple in design but very effective! / Download Protector is a single file! / Approxamately 6 kb...

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snif 1.3.2002

snif is a script based on php to manage downloads and maintain your downloads without creating and changing HTML files. Features like automatic...

By: Kai Blankenhorn Homepage


SN Download 1

SN Download is a web based download application by which users can generate a downloadable system on their website. With the help of this system...

By: SN Homepage


SMe Filemailer 1.0

SMe FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site. Upon submitting the...

By: scriptme Homepage


RW 4.0

RW is a program that manages downloads and features a much improved feature set over its free counterpart. Features like easy web based install...

By: planetblaze Homepage


RW::Download Full 4.0 lite

Premium download manager featuring unlimited categories and sub categories, unlimited user groups, Invision and VBulletin integration, file type...

By: RW::Scripts Homepage


PHP NoLeech 0.1

PHP NoLeech is a software based on php that provides security to web-based downloads without exposing paths. It has an ability for extensive...

By: aubin Homepage


Olate 2.2.2000

his script enables any website owner to manage downloads. Features like separate, secure, admin panel with support for multiple users and update...

By: David Mytton Homepage


Nutext Download Manager 0.2.8

Nutext Download Manager is a script based on php that permits user to manage downloads and provides you with a front-end and also maintains...

By: Joe Estock Homepage



MyDIR is a software written using php that permits users to download files and it is just a directory for browsing scripts, to view several...

By: Dadan Ramdan Homepage


myDownloads 0.6

myDownloads is a software that permits user to manage downloaded files. In this script, user can track downloadable files from your site. It can be...

By: stannek Homepage


Linklok 2.0

Linklok is a script based on php that provides an easy way to setup service for receiving payments for your digital products. Features like...

By: vibralogix Homepage


IBPS Managed Download Area 1.0

This small Tool is a kind of mini document management system. Documents, diagrams and much more besides can be assigned over an browser-based admin...

By: IBPS Friedrichs Homepage


FileDB 0.53

FileDB is a program based on php for storing files in a database and allow users to store, display and send files from a db. This script use my db...

By: phpclasses Homepage


FD Script 1.I

This is a download managing script written in php and it makes all files in a directory or its sub directories available for downloading. It has...

By: Vlad Leonte Homepage