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Tell a friend with contact importer 6.0

Tell a friend script with contact importer.

By: Super Tell A Friend Homepage


Free-PHP ContactForm1.0 1.0

This script is meant to make receiving email or feedback from your visitors much easier. All your visitors have to do is fill out a simple form and...

By: Homepage


Uresk Email Tracker Unix

Uresk Email Tracker is an easy to use tool which sets up links through web web interface for the program and paste the link into our mailing...

By: Uresk Networks Homepage


Stop Spam 1.0

Stop Spam is a PHP based email utility with enhanced features. Using this tool your website visitors can send a mail to you without typing your...

By: Web Drive Limited Homepage


SpamCease 1.VI

SpamCease is a PHP based email system designed to assist you in eliminating mail spams. This program is highly efficient in recognizing and...

By: SpamCease Homepage


Simple mail script 1.II

Sends an email to you, the webmaster from a web page based form. Sends useful information in the actual message such as the senders IP.

By: Peon Homepage


Secure Form 1.0

This is an useful email system capable of generating online mail and feed back forms for your site. This PHP built email utiity is supported with...

By: Brendan Homepage


Polvero Email list 1.0

In Polvero Subscriber List,the admin includes emailer form and a section to delete,add and edit contacts. When users input their name and email, it...

By: Dustin Diaz Homepage


Pop3 cleaner

Pop3 cleaner is an easy to use tool which deletes upto 65,000 mails with a single click. This tool has 2 login html files and php cleaner file...

By: Pop3 cleaner Homepage


PHPXmail 0.66

PHPXmail is written in PHP and it is used to manage your software applications online for Xmail server. Administration panel is GUI with Xmail and...

By: Alexis Mancini Homepage


PHPformail 1.0

PHPformail is a powerful email utility that can be used to create and manage feedback forms. This program is available with an interface similar to...

By: Aratech Homepage



This PHP Contact Us Form requires no database and works with all internet browsers. It is very easy to install. All emails can be customized...

By: phpcube Homepage


php mail notification 0.3

phpMailNotification is a script written in php that sends notification email toward other email account and checks multiple email accounts.This...

By: ptonev Homepage


PHP eMail :: Mailing List Manager 1.0

PHP eMail :: is easy-to-use newsletter and mailing list manager with powerful personalization and customization features. All-In-One Solution:...

By: ScriptsLinks Team Homepage


PHP Contact Us Form 1.0

PHP Contact Us Form is both a Unix and Linux compatible script that is a professional highly customize PHP Contact Us Form.

By: sean Homepage


Personal Email Filter 0.08

Personal Email Filter runs a mail server on a unix/linux host. To prevent spam, a local white list is maintained for the message from the unknown...

By: Jacek Olsjewski Homepage


Opt In Script

Opt In Script is a PHP based email system and is an email announcement list. Using this script, adminstrators can send mails to all the subscribed...

By: Elouai Homepage


NewsletterManager 0.2

You want to contact all your website visitors, customers or clients in a single click !. It is possible through this newsletter manager. In this...

By: michel Homepage



Net_Sieve is a script written in php that has options such as installation,listing,updating and setting active Sieve scripts.Through the PEAR web...

By: PHPGuru Homepage


Neo Maniax's Contact Script

Neo Maniax's Contact Script is a PHP program allowing webmasters to design contact forms. You can design your mail forms to enable your website...

By: Neo Maniax Homepage