LandShop Real Estate Marketing system 0.6

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The LandShop« is a database that offers a lot of flexibility to both the owner and the user.While for the user it is a one-stop-shop where he will find a wide variety of real estate for the region he is interested in, the owner has the possibility to reach a worldwide market and offer exhaustive information at a minimum effort.LandShop« is a multi user system. The shop owner can give administrator accounts to his staff, the system keeps track on who is working on what part of the database.UsabilityThe LandShop« will follow modern guidelines of usability. Therefore, shop owners will have the possibility to use predefined HTML-Templates that will be filled by the system with the respective data. The LandShop« owner is able to change the Templates. The templates include their own tags that are used to fill in values by the database/system. These are extremely easy to learn and, as opposed to most database systems, there will be no program code in the HTML pages.Easy navigationThe LandShop« is optimized for the end user's convenience. With only a few clicks through an intuitive interface he will find the properties of his interest.These can be added to a personal wish list that can even be bookmarked by the user so it is always present for future lookups. The wish list or single properties can even be mailed to other persons by the user with one click.Any request done by the user will be confirmed immediately. All requests will be sent to the administrator, the request status is always visible to all the administrators.


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