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PHPWee 1.0

PHPWee is an PHP minifier for website resources including HTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files. PHPWee is free and open-source under the BSD...

By: Simon Wilkins Homepage


PHTML Encoder 6.3

The PHTML Encoder allows encoding PHP scripts before distributing them. The script code is encrypted before saving. Lock your scripts to a...

By: Sergey Repetov Homepage


ApPHP DataGrid Wizard 2.0.1

ApPHP DataGrid Wizard - utility script for generating PHP DataGrid pages

By: ApPHP Team Homepage


toString v1.0b

toString is a very simple to use and tiny PHP script useful in converting an Array to a String value. The installation is very simple, no...

By: Bogomil Shopov Homepage


SZConfigFile 0.9

SZConfigFile is a PHP based script very useful for reading PHP file and displaying the result in a form. It is very simple and easy to understand,...

By: Andreas Norman Homepage


STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP 1.1.2002

STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP is a PHP script which is very useful for the webmasters as a string translation suite which serves as an...

By: Jacob Moorman Homepage


StateList 0.5

StateList is a cool PHP script to put on any website to show your website visitors a list of US and Canadian Provinces. The list can be modified...

By: Paul Schreiber Homepage


phpOBrowser 1.0.1

phpOBrowser a PHP based utility that allows you to surf through the entire directory of your online application. This powerful PHP application is...

By: SG Technology Homepage


PHP Source Code Utility 1.0.0

PHP Source Code Utility is a PHP script very useful for making a PHP source code attractive, especially when it is handed over to other people....

By: Mike Miller Homepage


PHP Runner 1.0.0

PHP Runner is a simple but useful program to preview a PHP file easily without saving or uploading to server or using other programs to run your...

By: Arash Moslehi Homepage


PHP Screw 5

PHP Screw is a simple to use tool for protecting PHP coding through encryption. This could be very useful for commercial programmers who sell their...

By: Kunimasa Noda Homepage


PHP Multi Syntax Highlighter CODE tags for PunBB 1.0.0

This is a simple and efficient code highlighter especially designed for PunBB's. You can use this program to highlight the source codes of Delphi,...

By: Zaher Dirkey Homepage


PHP Form Wizard 2.0

PHP Form Wizard is a simple script based on PHP which helps the user to generate forms easily. Array storage in this script helps a lot in database...

By: Jay P. Narain Homepage


MyToDo 0.5b

MyToDo is a powerful utility using which you can manage and edit projects through an advanced GUI. Being built with support of groupware tools this...

By: Hensel Hartmann Homepage


Jax UpdateInfo 2.I

Jax UpdateInfo is a script coded with PHP which helps you to manage a list of updates for any software project on your website. The script works in...

By: Andreas John Homepage


Hoplink Hitcher

This is a PHP based program which can be used by the administrators to sell several products under a clickbank account. Administrators can allow...

By: Homepage


Genesis Doorway creator 1.0

Genesis Doorway creator is Unix compatible. Genesis php script uses a MySql database to store keywords and then, when genera.php is recalled,...

By: googlerank dev staff Homepage


eWebEditor for PHP 3.VII

eWebEditor is an advanced online browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor. This rich editing tool empowers end users with an intuitive, easy-to-use...

By: eWebSoft Homepage


Beautifier : Flexible Syntax Highlighting

Beautifier is a Syntax Highlighting utility, using this one can make their coding syntax more appealing visually, this will be very useful for...

By: Mike Jewell Homepage