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ScriptCase - PHP Code Generator 5.0

You will be able to develop easily and really fast grids, reports, charts, filters, forms, menus, container, pdf documents and much more....

By: ScriptCase Team Homepage


Orbicon Framework Engine 2.0.4

Enterprise framework for developing the next generation of web applications.

By: Orbitum ICT Homepage


ScriptCase 2

Instantly creating PHP applications, ScritpCase is a complete PHP Application Server environment for WEB application development using many type of...

By: Diogo Toscano Homepage


act28.DEV CRM Development Toolkit 3.0

act28.DEV CRM Development Toolkit is a CRM application framework written in PHP. It uses an MVC2/OOD architecture, which allows you rapidly develop...

By: Homepage


PHP Reusable Web Framework 0.0.5

PHP Reusable Web Framework is an efficient development tool that assists users in implementing OO event driven web applications by using event...

By: Multispan Productions Homepage


Freeform Framework 1.1.2000

Freeform Framework is a next step in MVC for web. It is a complete solution for building large scale web applications. Main features: - Strict...

By: Dennis Popel Homepage


Xavious Web Application Platform 1.5.2000

Xavious Web Application Platform is a Linux compatible Web Application system that assists in rapid web development using CMS and Templating...

By: Techmeridian Homepage


act28.DEV Developer Edition CRM Toolkit 3.0

act28.DEV Developer Edition CRM Toolkit is a CRM application framework written in PHP. It uses an MVC2/OOD architecture, which allows you rapidly...

By: Ignatius Teo Homepage


BlueShoes 4.5 BETA

A PHP based script called BlueShoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. It supports not only MYSQL database but...

By: BlueShoes Homepage


Site Manager From Roadsend 2.4.2002

Site Manager is a PHP based script that helps the web programmers. This open source web application framework divides the website designing into...

By: Shannon J. Weyrick Homepage