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DB Backup Tool 1.0

The DB Backup Tool is a free and easy to install script, which allows to create easily backups and generate dumps of MySQL databases.

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phpPgAdmin 3.2.2001

phpPgAdmin is a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL.

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Mysql Automated Backup Tool 1

MySQL Backup Manager is very useful for taking automated backup of multiple MySQL database. The backup operation can run any time as per the...

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Enzyme 0.6.3

Enzyme is an engine for storing structured data for structured searching.

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DbFacePHP for MySQL 1.9.0

DbFacePHP for MySQL (DbFacePHP) provides you control and use MySQL databases without coding over the World Wide Web.

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myDBR 1.0

myDBR is an innovative web based reporting solution for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server with support for latest smartphones (Android, iPhone, and...

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PHP DataGrid 4.2.8

PHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers....

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SQL Server Data Recovery 7.08.01

SQL data recovery software recovers data from corrupt .MDF files of SQL server version 2000 and 2005. Deleted records, tables, views, triggers,...

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Active Business Intelligence Portal 3.2.0

Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solution for designing and deploying reports and web forms over the...

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pjjTextBase 1.0

Powerful yet easy to use set of PHP4+ functions, that provides a simple relational database.

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Bs debedoo 4.II

Bs debedoo is multi-platform compatible. Debedoo" stands for "DB do" or "Database do" => do something with the database. It is a package (set of...

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Qub - Visual Query Builder For Mysql 1.0.6

Qub - Visual Query Builder For Mysql is Windows compatible. Easying database applications development for building website administration tools -...

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X-Navigation Links 2 II.20

X-Navigation Links 2 is a completely customizable display program. includes feature likes google search engine navigation bar. This has included a...

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WizMysqlAdmin 0.6.4

WizMysqlAdmin is php based tool that provides most common functions to control a Mysql database. This program shows tables and their content,...

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Text database system (textdb) 4.3.2003

Text database system is created to manage a text database system. To use the program, you only include this text database system and manage your...

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Text to DB

Text to DB is a simple PHP script database tool. MySQL is a backend database which stores the data given by the users. It dump delineated text into...

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table exists

I find this little script very useful for web applications that need to automatically generate tables. I wrote it because I felt it was wrong to...

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TableHelpers 1.0

TableHelpers is a PHP library that allows you to dynamically generate rich looking HTML tables from raw data.With a single function call in...

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SqlCommand class

This is a simple and effective program that comes with the ability to retrieve the stored procedures to MySQL servers through PHP. It performs this...

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SQLconf 1.I

SQLConf is a tool which is facilitated to write and read data of you PHP scripts. MySQL database stores the data. Users can configure it as they...

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