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eForcer sets new frontiers in web based helpdesk software and has been designed exclusively for you. Just think, when your customers use eForcer help desk, they will be able to, amongst others : 1. Submit support requests (tickets) immediately at anytime of the day or night (now that's what we call reaction).2. View the status of their tickets from anywhere and be satisfied in the knowledge that you are progressing matters on their behalf (instant customer satisfaction).Find solutions to their problems in eForcer's powerful knowledgebase. eForcer's major features include : 1.Unlimited departments - the software evolves with your business 2. Unlimited staff members - eForcer also caters for continuity of service 3. Department custom fields - eForcer allows for change when you do 4. Customize emails, headers & footers - enables personalization for a friendlier customer interface 5. Automatic ticket management - considerably reducing the amount of time spent on administering the system 6. Ticket search engine - to quickly find the logged query for a forgetful customer 7. Move tickets between departments - providing for easy escalation 8. Client email notifications on/off - your customer can choose whether or not they want to receive notification as the incident is progressed through to resolution i.e. they do not want badgered. 9. Advanced knowledgebase - quickly and easily gain access to solutions of a similar nature 10. Ability to create tickets from emails - speed up the logging process 11. File attachments - for the provision of additional evidence and information 12. Customer surveys - a built in quality improvement process 13. Staff private messages - allows staff to seek online help from their colleagues 14. Private staff comments - provides for associated notes relative to the customer and/or query 15. Admin ticket creation - caters for ad-hoc tickets - always useful for software improvements and internally identified problems 16. Knowledgebase articles rating - enables immediate customer feedback on information quality 17. Knowledgebase articles comments - offers your customer the facility to comment on the usefulness or otherwise of the article base 18. Download area - for software and supporting information downloads 19. Link knowledgebase articles to downloads - associate similar/useful information as optional download 20. Staff permissions management - You can actually personalize the system for individual members of staff by enabling or disabling functions - great for training and new starts ! 21. Announcements - be informative, publish useful information for immediate customer access Instant Solution technology - eForcer uses IST (Instant/Intelligent Solution Technology) to extract articles from the knowledgebase based on the keyword density of the ticket. It then displays these articles as a potential solution to their problem. In our experience, nearly 80% of tickets are closed after this point. This one aspect alone will more than pay for the software ! 22. Mass action on tickets - save time by responding on mass to customers experiencing the same incident 23. Predefined replies - react immediately to known incidents by selecting from previously created responses 24. Email and IP bans - blacklist individuals/PCs from accessing the system thereby reducing time wasting 25. Multilingual - use the same system in all your offices regardless of where they are located Today, virtually every company is expected to have a Customer Support Department - your company's reputation depends on it ! This one crucial aspect can make or break your business - don't believe us? Your own personal experience will tell you that you don't feel comfortable doing business with companies who: fail to respond when they say they will don't understand your problemcannot even pronounce, never mind spell, your name why should your business experience be any different?


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