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Terracotta is a document management system which allows you to manage your web documents very easily. Simply by using the Terracotta engine you can create quick document galleries for the world. Terracotta allows you write articles (such as this) and present it using a document template. The whole system is very light weight and powerful. Check out the Terracotta project directory for more information. / This web site uses Terracotta to render its contents and demonstrate how painlessly one can integrate and run Terracotta on their web site. As a matter of fact you can run your whole web site using this simple script. The documentation is still under construction, but please feel free to join the list serves or email us for help. / Hope you find Terracotta useful and please let us know what you think of it. / Terracotta 0.3 and upwards is intended to single manager based web sites. Perfect examples are small enterprise web site managed by one person or your person web based document gallery where you wish to publish information about your work. / Terracotta is also great for small collaborative projects, allowing each one of the team members to publish files and documents. / Terracotta is not a multi user system as it is not intended to be one. It is to maintain the light size and complexity of the product. /


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