AVChat - Live Audio/Video Chat for Dating Sites 1.I

Version: 1.I




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End User Interface Features:Full Audio and Video chat Separate channels for audio and videoSend Video via DialUp/DSL/T1 connections (new)Enhanced text chat (bold/italic/color text) with URL highlighting Public and private messages support Users list with nick and identification icons (genre, camera, admin icons)Private and public rooms support with password protection and description fieldsBad language and nick filter lobby/on/off/ (also works with URL addresses and emails) Nick and genre remembering (for returning people) Administrator Features:Kick and bann by ip (with notification for the user: "You have x more minutes to wait.") Review room logs Full acess to private rooms (no password required) Delete empty rooms (new)Option to be Visible or InvisibleEnhanced users list with ip displayWhat you can configure in the external file:Bad words/nicks listBad words filter in all rooms/lobby/off Video screen capture size (320x240, 240x180 or 160x120)Set maximum bandwidth for DialUp/DSL/T1 video connections (new)Enable/Disable DSL/T1 video connections (new)Usertype: free/premiumUser can change username/genre: on/off (new)Default username and genre


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