Event scheduler 1.I

By: Duck
Version: 1.I




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Event scheduler is an event management tool written in PHP. Allows you to have a list of parties, concerts or whatever in your area on your site. The visitor will come to your site to check where they can go out. The visitor can search thought events, sort events by date, category, place, bars, etc. Supports comments, public event submit (must be confirmed by admin), javascript to allow visitors to easy add events of the current day to their sites.... / This software was development with a collaboration of a local radio station. Every one adds the events. Than the radio just print the page for announce the events on the air. / Features includes General configuration in one external file to avoid unnecessary database storage,supports Language files, Events can be submitted by the visitors. The administrator just confirm it. The visitor who posted the event is notified by e-mail if his event was confirmed or not. Administrator can edit, activate, deactivate, delete, add a new an event, or delete comments. Every event can be commented by the users. Notify a visitor if someone post a comment on en event that was already commented by him/her. Powerful event browsing by: date, category, city, bar/locality, Simple event searching, / Easy to insert into your site: header, footer and the main output is in functions. Administrator is notified thought e-mail: the admin receives an e-mail on a new comment or a public posted event. Can be turned off in the configuration file. / If the event is posted by some other than the administrator, he/she is notified if someone comments his event. Periodic: While posting an event you can specify if the event is periodically repeated and the script will add the event for necessary times automatically. Large event proprieties: date, city, bar/locality, short description, long description, reference url, reference e-mail and category. Special printer friendly event list page / Administration is protected with username and password. /


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