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JUnitConv is a free Open Source universal Units of Measure Converter, it converts numbers from one unit of measure to another. Built as a Java Applet, JUnitConv is platform-independent and highly-configurable, it supports an unlimited number of Units Categories, Units of Measure and Multiplier Prefixes that could be customized using external text files.You could setup your own data files using your preferred spoken language, units categories, units definitions and multiplier prefixes. The default configuration data files contains 580 basic units of measure definitions divided in 31 categories and 27 multiplier prefixes for a total of 15660 composed units.Features:- browser-independent, works fine with any browser that support at least Java 1.1 - 580 basic units of measure definitions divided in 31 categories and 27 multiplier prefixes - customizable units, categories, multipliers and labels using external text files - supports units descriptions, used to display units definitions and history (if available) - supports multiplier prefixes - supports basic formulas as units conversion parameters - supports result precision (max number of decimal places) - customizable charset encoding, supports international character sets (require appropriate OS/browsers) - customizable background and foreground colors - customizable font type, style and size

Language: Java


Calculator - Conversion - Units - Units Conversion Tool - Units Converter - Units Of Measure Converter

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