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Bpower Unique Low Bid Auction script is a software for setting up a comprehensive and robust lowest unique bid auction site with 3 types of low bid auctions: Classic, Extended and Extended Reverse. Site administrator can adjust auctions time, step and other parameters. Auction payments are via PayPal and other payment processors can be integrated.

Classic Unique Low Bid Auction
The auction works like a regular auction, the only difference is that the winner is the person who made the unique lowest bid.
The bids are made through the site and because they are secret, the point is to strategically identify the whole number that is the lowest among all the bids.
The auction will take place in a period of time defined by administrator and the winner is the one who has made the lowest unique bid among those involved.

Extended Auction
In this auction mode - during the time period, users can purchase bid packages that will give them an amount of credits they can use to bid (example: cost 10 Euro entry of 20 bids).
The maximum number of bids available for the auction will depend on the value of the package purchased in the subscription.
The auction mechanism is the same as the in the classic auction, where the winner is the one who made the lowest unique bid.

Extended Reverse Auction
In this revolutionary mode auction during the time period, users can purchase bid credits at a cost that will ensure a number of deals (eg registration cost 10 Euro equal to 20 bids).
With the method "Extended Reverse" the difference is that during the auction, which can vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours, bidder will have the opportunity to buy new offerings before the end of the auction.
(example: assume a package of 10 euros, equal to 20 bids, and at an auction for 2 hours. If after 20 minutes into the auction period the user ends the number of initial bids, user has the chance to buy 20 bids more by paying 10 euros, the same every time he wants before the close of the auction).
The auction mechanism is in the same as in the classic auction, where the winner is the one with the lowest unique bid.

Member Panel
- Edit Data - Members can enter and manage personal details.
- Member can view auctions he participated in with the bid amount, date and other details.
- Payments history - member can view the history of payments made on the site.
- Won auctions - member can view all auctions he won.
- Member can save auctions to his personal watch list and view the saved auctions at a later time.
- Add balance to account.

Administrator Panel
- General Settings - On this page the site administrator can define basic variables on the site like the site name, site url, administrator email and administrator paypal email.
- Batch Procedures Settings - Administrator can define cron jobs on the server or choose to run the cron jobs from the site itseff every time someone enters the home page. Site administrator can also define after how long old auctions will be deleted.
- Picture Upload - Define the max uploaded image size.
- Error Handling - Site administraor can define the error message that will appear when errors occur on the site.
- Country List.
- Auction Duration.
- Currencies Settings.
- Time Settings.
- Dates Format.
- Default country.
- Users Authentication.
- HTML meta Tags.
Graphic Interface
- Theme - Can choose between 2 theme options.
- General Layout Settings - lets the site administrator define some layout - settings.
- Add New admin user.
- Admin users management - Add, edit, delete accounts.
- Acceptance Text
- Users Management.
- Newsletter - Enable / Disable newsletter checkbox.
- Newsletter Submission - Who will get the newletter, newsletter content.
- IP Addresses - accepted and banned ip addresses.
- Add new auctions.
- Auction Extension Settings - View all auction settings.
- View Open, Closed and Suspended Auctions.
- Set main auction - Administrator can define what auction will appear on the main part of the home page.
- News Management
- About Us Page
- How it works Page
- Terms & Conditions Page
- FAQs Page

Live Support window
Penny auction site administrator can support people who are having questions about issues on the site in real time.

Main Features:
Users register and pay for participation
3 different types of auction
Minimal number of players with refunding if auction was not opened
Power admin panel


Auction Software - Low Bid Auction - Mysql - Php - Unique Low Bid

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