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Inout Article Base 59

Inout Article Base is a powerful, feature rich, affordable, easy to use article script that works on PHP + MySQL. This is a highly Search Engine...

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Web Development Articles

This site has a collection of Web development/design articles on PHP, MySQL, CSS, open-source software and other topics. New content is regularly...

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Uncovering One of the Web's Best Secrets

This article talks about PHP right from the roots when Rasmus Lerdorf created is a 'Personal Home Page' script and which has been developed more...

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Treasure trove: PHP offers features that will make your Web apps sparkle

Treasure trove: PHP offers features that will make your Web apps sparkle is a detailed article on PHP. It discusses about the silent growth of this...

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Reliable & free! It has to be Apache

Apache is the most popular Web servers on the net which works on all operating systems now available with new features. This works fast and has...

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Freeware has various PHP scripts like, detecting a proxy server, auto password/ unique id generation, simple password protection using PHP,...

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PHP: Past, Present, and Future

PHP: Past, Present, and Future is the topic of discussion on Webmonkey online radio, and the guests are PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf and the core...

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PHP: Speaking the Language of Enterprise

In this article, the author explains separately with examples on what is PHP? why PHP? How PHP is ideal for dynamic websites? it's speedy work,...

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This article says about the first PHP scripted virus programme with 718 bytes with threat assessment details, technical details, recommendations...

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PHP Noise

PHP Noise is a place for developers to come to learn more about PHP. There is a forum for discussions on php related subjects. / Tutorials are...

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Learn Sql Using PHPMyAdmin

A complete overview of using PHPMyAdmin to learn SQL. The tutorial will take you from the start to end by using easy to understand language and...

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Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems is an easy to understand article in which author discusses about performance and functionalities of learning management...

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Free PHP online questions.

Free PHP online questions.

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Freeware has several articles which contains latest updates, latest release and news about the scripts and programmes in development side....

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Dealing with cannot modify header errors

This is an article where users can find information about cannot modify errors. The author explains that this warning is obtained while we are...

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Data-Drive Sites with Midgard

In this article, the author recommends Midgard software which consists of some Apache modules that is great to work with the popular PHP. Midgard...

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Database-Independent API for PHP

Once any PHP programme is developed with any particular database then at a later stage when people wants to switch over to other databases, then...

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Controlling PHP Output: Caching and compressing dynamic pages

This is a tutorial which tells the users how to use php output controlling functions for making their pages to load fast on their websites. This...

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Converting Access to MySQL

Any Access table can be converted to MySQL by using MyODBC. All the steps, with screen shots, are explained in this article.

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This site is helpful for users and programmers to download PHP based programmes. Programmers can post their script with code to prove their skills....

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