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Agriya, the south Indian innovator of this premium product i.e., Anova yahoo answers clone website has been kept its yahoo answers clone script online for sale. Anova allows you to create your own Yahoo Answers or Askville type questions and answers site, but you will have two significant advantages over every other knowledge and answering site on the internet- you can let your users ask and answer questions in Audio and Video format as well as plain text.

Anova yahoo answers clone script is developed using the Smarty template system which separates PHP (business logic) from HTML (presentation logic) to allow webmasters to change presentation of Anova pages separately from the back-end. Ideally, this eases the costs and efforts associated with software maintenance.

The script with entire package of features for a flat price of $247. This is available only to those who have contacted the company in the recent past inquiring about the script. So, customers hurry up!

With the awesome features of Anova has so much more credibility with the human touch of getting real answers from real people. Discuss any topic you want, and now get visual responses as well, adding a further human feel to the whole experience. An answers site with audio and video capabilities would cater to the entertainment field so well, as it would help stir interest and encourage the sharing of information between the entertainment experts and the newbies alike.

Anova, Rewards points to members when they undertake any action on the site, and user level will be updated according to the points scored. The points system is incorporated to encourage users to answer many questions and to limit spam questions/answers. The number of points rewarded to users depends on their participation level.


Knowledge Sharing Software - Yahoo Answers Clone Script

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