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A SuperAd is a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet Marketing technology. Since most other advertising methods such as pop-up advertising, banner advertising, e-mail advertising, and the like are practically "worn out" (most people see them and ignore them), Superads provide an unexpected, fresh type of ad that instantly grabs people's attention. / In addition, since the ad cannot be ignored (it must be physically viewed and closed before the web surfer can continue), it is hundreds of times more effective than any other form of advertising currently found on the net. / Introducing The SuperAds Script / In 60 seconds you will be ready and get 1000's to see your ad and earn money! / So your site is ready and it just looks great!!!Now you're ready to make some money!!! / But...where are the visitors??? / A great site without traffic is like owning a beautifull huge store in the middle of nowhere! / Nobody will buy from you because they don't know you exists. / Promotion is the word... / and / Superads is the answer... / More, You can now make money by having members upgrade from FREE to PRO: / 1000 views/month (equals 5000 points) / 25% #1 level (instead of 5% for FREE members) / 25% #2 level (instead of 5% for FREE members) / Minimum payout $50 (instead of $100 for FREE members) / 10 levels (instead of 5 for FREE members) / one view is 5 points (instead of one view is 10 poins for FREE members) / SuperAds Script: / Requirements: / Php And Mysql Must Be Enabled On For Web Site /


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