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This script enable you to super charge your earnings by getting into alliance with other marketers. Whether your joint venture involves selling time-limited products, one-time offers, firesales or just signups, you can automate your entire JV with JV Firesale Automator. FEATURES: 1/ Completely template based; 2/ fully automate joint venture start/end dates; 3/ fully supports joint ventures where you can sell products or just signups; 4/ fully automate all your fire sales/special offers; 5/ auto-fill name/email address to sign up members before giving them your gift; 6/ fully automate all email communication; 7/ automatically provide your JV partners commissions instantly; 8/ IPN support for Paypal and Stormpay; 9/ personalize every member / JV partner; 10/ conduct contests; 11/ sell extra products on ‘Teaser Pages’; 12/ automatically track referrals and reward JV partners; 13/ easy to install.


Jv Firesale Automator

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