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General:¬ PPC Search engine is PHP and MySQL based software. So it is fast and easy to use and install. ¬ PPC search engine can be easily installed using installer script¬ PPC Search engine uses Smarty ( templates, so design can be easily customized.¬ Fully customizable and easy configurable templates for every page, including the search listings, members and admin pages. ¬ show the top bidded listings, search statistics, etc. on the home page. This feature can be turned on/off by admin.¬ show the time of search¬ show banners in search results;¬ show per impression banners, that are not for clicking but only for impression.¬ sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, if site's member has enough money on his account.¬ clicks are counted, the visitor is redirected to that site instantly;¬ only daily unique clicks are counted;¬ option of links opening in a new window or the same window (controlled by admin).¬ any new listing becomes active or a new listing is not active until admin approves it. It depends on option, that can be changed by admin at any time.¬ Search keywords are logged. keep search statistics for all months.¬ use Altavista or plugins to fill in extra space!¬ integrate search results from SearchFeed, RevenuePilot and Ah-ha Pay-Per-Click search systems using bundled search plugins and earn click comission!Members area includes:¬ login/registration form ¬ lost password lookup page¬ Info and password changing page. ¬ member can add any number of urls and listings with keywords¬ Manage listings, where members can add/edit/delete search listings and change their bids. ¬ Add/edit/delete banners and put associated keywords and bid value.¬ member can specify that his(her) banner is for impression and will pay a certain bid for every showing in search results. ¬ All "per impession" banners are of the same bid (set by admin), so every member has a fair share at their banners being shown.¬ mass-submission form to submit multiple submissions at once. ¬ member can activate/deactivate any his(her) listing at any time and this listing will/will not be shown in search results;¬ Optionally let members bid on a "catch all" keyword for banners. This means the listing is displayed for any keyword¬ Special search to quickly check bids placed on keywords by others. ¬ Advanced stats which are updated instantly. ¬ View transaction history.¬ member can view keyword's popularity (keywords that are searched by visitors). ¬ "Auto bid" button puts a member's selected listings in the #1 spots automatically. ¬ accept PayPal,2checkout payments. Transaction is secure and funds are automatically added to the member's account.Advanced stats: ¬ click stats for links and banners¬ stats includes listing, clicks count, total money spent on term, top and average position of listing in search results¬ stats can be grouped by date or listing¬ stats includes aggregate(total) values for year, month, day, url, listing. Member can choose details level to include aggregate values.Affiliate area includes:¬ login/registration form¬ lost password lookup page¬ Info and password changing page¬ earn a percent of the bid that is clicked. Admin sets this percent in admin area.¬ use search boxes to obtain search results. copy HTML code for search box and paste it into affiliate's own site¬ obtain search results in XML, HTML formats¬ transfer the money from his(her) account to advertiser's account¬ withdraw his money by sending request to admin. Affiliate can request money if account has more than certain amount of money¬ easily cutomize the page with search results (colors, header, footer).¬ click statisticsAdmin area includes:Members: ¬ view/edit detailed members info¬ manually change members account values ¬ view all listings, their bids¬ edit listings (links, banners)¬ approve/deny listings. So listings will/will not be shown in search resultsNotifications:¬ send message to all members/affiliates directly from admin area. ¬ E-mail notifications sent to members for members registration, account updates, low account bala


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