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This is a new script just released by MCVC This script will allow you to setup your very own Ad Blaster Forum that will have visitors coming back again and again. Your visitors will have the opportunity to post their Website Link/URL and have it displayed in realtime in front of Thousands. All the visitor needs to do is enter the Title of their site, URL, and select a catagory and click the POST AD Button! Their webiste will inserted to the selected catagory! They can also signup for a website just like yours with their very own unique id. It's a replicated page that is created on the fly in realtime. They will then receive their account login information via email. Each member receives their very own member area where they can edit their own Sponsor Ads, and Featured Ads. This is a power promotion packed script that even allows the admin, which will be you... a chance to earn cash every month by offering a paid membership for sponsor ads that you can edit from your admin area. You as the admin will receive payments straight into your Paypal account every month! This script allows the admin to display default sponsor ads and Featured Ads that can be seen from the main page. The admins featured ad can also be seen each time a visitors submits his/her website! You can even set the refresh time which controls how long the visitor views your featured ad. As the Admin you can also email all members right from the admin area! Great Marketing strategy that can allow you to earn more cash by promoting affiliate products. This is a True Ad Blasting Forum! Get your Copy Today! Try the demo below!


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