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Text Blinker

Text Blinker is an ideal script, which can draw the attention of your visitors to something important that you want your visitors to take note of....

By: The JavaScript Source Homepage


Free News Feed

Free news and content for your website.

By: Tech Homepage


Popup progress bar

Popup progress bar can be employed in many ways on your web page. Basically the script is designed to work as a progress indicator, which displays...

By: Todd King and JavaScript Kit Homepage


Zoom function 2.0

Zoom function can be incorporated into your web pages to enable you to zoom in and zoom out of your web pages. The feature is implemented through...

By: Obie Homepage


Stars 1.0

This JavaScript can create a starfield effect on your web page and spin the stars and move them across your page. Uses the Star.gif image to create...

By: Maxx Blade Homepage


Shake Screen

Shake Screen is for those who what a different experience to be implemented to their web pages. With this script you can create a tremor in your...

By: The JavaScript Source Homepage


Neon lights text

Neon lights text is a JavaScript that has be programmed to work only with the Internet Explorer 4 or above. This script when implemented can...

By: George Chiang Homepage


HTML Block Scroller & Marquee 1.III

This script scrolls all the even sized blocks to create a scrolling effect on HTML. It causes this effect by scrolling HTML and not individual...

By: Brian Huisman AKA GreyWyvern Homepage


Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically

Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically has been designed to work with the Internet Explorer 5.5 or above to implement a color change effect on the...

By: Homepage


Status Bar Maker

Status Bar Maker can generate codes to implement various transition effects on the status bar. Its features includes text box for displaying the...

By: Vjekoslav Begovic Homepage