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No Select Text script

Disable viewers' ability to select text on your page by installing this script. With it, dragging the mouse over text has no effect.

By: Dynamic Drive Homepage


HTML Password Wizard 2.0

Password protect web page, html page and whole website. It uses strong industrial standard encryption algorithms to encrypt the web pages with...

By:, Inc. Homepage


Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script

Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script is an useful javascript and is a handy tool for webmasters to protect their source and other content pages....

By: Kare Andersson Homepage


Source Code Encryption Wizard

Source Code Encryption Wizard is a freeware JavaScript that can encrypt your source code, which can only be viewed with your permission. It is...

By: Andy Angrick/Mike Barone Homepage


Basic No-Right-Click Mouse Script

Basic No-Right-Click Mouse Script is a JavaScript that implements the no-right click on your web pages. When user right clicks the right click menu...

By: etLux Homepage


Blowfish HTML Encryption

This script uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption to create password protected web pages. The encrypted pages use JavaScript to self-decrypt in a...

By: Stephen Griffin Homepage


Disabling the Right Mouse (Right-Click) Button 1.0

Disabling the Right Mouse (Right-Click) Button is a JavaScript, which is a script that secures your web pages and its contents from being copied by...

By: Homepage


Hide Your Source Code

Hide Your Source Code is a JavaScript tutorial, which can be used in your web pages to hide the source code to protect it from being copied by the...

By: Andy Angrick and Mike Barone Homepage


Disable right click on images script

Disable right click on images script as the name indicates does not allow right click over the images of your web pages. This prevents the visitors...

By: John Miller Homepage


No right click with message

JavaScript No right click script can be used to protect your images and text sources from being copied / modified by abusers. You can disable the...

By: digi-dl script archives Homepage