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Free Javascript Obfuscator 1.1

Free Javascript Obfuscator is a professional tool for obfuscation of javascript. It Converts JavaScript source code into scrambled and completely...

By: CuteSoft Homepage


HTML Password Wizard 2.0

Password protect web page, html page and whole website. It uses strong industrial standard encryption algorithms to encrypt the web pages with...

By:, Inc. Homepage


XTORT CryptoManiac V5 V5

XTORT CryptoManiac V5 is a JavaScript, which can be used in your web pages to implement a simple encryption feature that can protect your web pages...

By: Kenneth Heimbuch Homepage


Stop the Spam-bots 2.0

Stop the Spam-bots is an application that can generate codes, which can be incorporated into your web pages to prevent email address being exposed...

By: Jeff Robson Homepage


Source Code Encryption Wizard

Source Code Encryption Wizard is a freeware JavaScript that can encrypt your source code, which can only be viewed with your permission. It is...

By: Andy Angrick/Mike Barone Homepage


Source Protector

Source Protector is a JavaScript, which will find a very good use in your web site to prevent your source code from being copied by unscrupulous...

By: NicNet Homepage


Simple Script Security 0.85beta

Simple Script Security utilize secure hash algorithm and routines to protect your website. Also, helps you to transmit your most important data in...

By: Janne Tuukkanen Homepage


Secure-mail 1.I

Secure-mail can be used if you want to send email that are not tampered or accessed without proper permission. This script encrypts the messages...

By: Eugene Luzgin Homepage


rand password

rand password is a JavaScript implementation of a password protection capability. This script can be incorporated to generate a random passwords of...

By: tressware Homepage


Password protection by razalgar 1.I

Password protection by razalgar is a JavaScript implementation of a password protection capability to the web pages on your web site. This script...

By: Razalgar Homepage


NoPass Web Site Security System 1.III

One of the methods to secure your website pages is implemented using this javascript program. This program enables the webmasters to keep their...

By: Cyphaze Homepage



NoPeek is a freeware JavaScript, which can be incorporated into your computer to prevent the users from copying the valuable contents that you want...

By: Spriteworks Developments Homepage


No right click with message

JavaScript No right click script can be used to protect your images and text sources from being copied / modified by abusers. You can disable the...

By: digi-dl script archives Homepage


No Select Text script

Disable viewers' ability to select text on your page by installing this script. With it, dragging the mouse over text has no effect.

By: Dynamic Drive Homepage


JScriptEncrypt 1.0

JScriptEncrypt can be used to encrypt text messages in your web pages. The script uses a novel technique called as the column transposition in...

By: Tomislav Sereg Homepage


Javascript and Html Source Encoding

Javascript and Html Source Encoding offers you the function to protect your HTML source or other page content by effective encoding. A password is...

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HTML Encryption 3.00

Using this advanced security software you can create password protected web pages for your website. All your website pages are encrypted with HTML...

By: Fishfoo Software Homepage


Hide Your Source Code

Hide Your Source Code is a JavaScript tutorial, which can be used in your web pages to hide the source code to protect it from being copied by the...

By: Andy Angrick and Mike Barone Homepage


Hashing Strings 1.0

Hashing Strings is a JavaScript, which calculates the 32 bit hash code of a string implementing a method of QControl. It is basically designed for...

By: Serge Dolgov Homepage


Free Encryption Software

Free Encryption Software gives you the protective methods to secure your text content of any size. A simple user interface form is provided where...

By: Kare Andersson Homepage