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"Compare-the-Graphs" is a precision, cross-browser, 500-pixel by 500-pixel 2-variable function grapher, featuring completely adjustible axes and up to 12 simultaneous, re-stackable, in-color function plots. / The code is object-oriented, well-documented, very extensible, adaptable, and embeddable, free for non-commercial use, and available for commercial use via an inexpensive license. Offered with no warranty expressed or implied. / Because this runs on IE 5+ on Windows 95+ and on Netscape 6.1+/Mozilla 1.0+ on Linux/Mac/Windows, this may be the world's most ubiquitous precision grapher. / The code is truly abstract: it is based on true abstract classes that bestow both primitives and unique copies of objects upon concrete classes. This is possible even with prototype-based inheritance.


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