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This is a simple JavaScript version of tic tac toe. You can set the board dimensions, and set the amount required to win (like 4 in a row). It has...

By: JS-Examples Homepage


JavaScript HangMan

JavaScript HangMan is wonderful game in JavaScript that can be added to your webpage to implement a nice interesting game. The game provides three...

By: JavaScript HangMan Homepage


Tetris Game!

Tetris Game! can be used in your web pages to give your visitors a nice game to play. Tetris is similar to the familiar tetris of the video game...

By: Xin Yang Homepage


Toggler mini-game from 1.0

Toggler mini-game from is a game implemented in JavaScript, which can easily fit into the side bar of your page as its only 130 pixels...

By: levik Homepage



Users can play this game if they are interested and this online game takes less amount of time to play. In this game, the users have to select any...

By: Bluewin Homepage


The Love Test

The power of JavaScript knows no bounds! This script harnesses the psychic aspects of the language to determine your compatibility -romance wise-...

By: George Chiang Homepage


Text Scrambler

Text Scrambler is a freeware JavaScript game you can use in your web pages to give your visitors a nice text scramble game to play. This JavaScript...

By: Text Scrambler Homepage


Test your EyeQ

Users can play this game to check their IQ in just a few seconds. This game can be played by anybody of any age group in less time. This is a...

By: Peter Gehrig Homepage

Freeware Bouncer 1.II

This JavaScript game demonstrates Dynamic HTML. It is a fully functional Arkanoid game with intro written in JavaScript.

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Snake is a game in DHTML that can entertain the visitors of our page. The game can be played using the arrow keys of the keyboard. Few blocks are...

By: Omar Wally Homepage


Russian Roulette

Add some fun to your website to keep your visitors interactive with this Russian Roulette game.

By: JavaScript Kit Homepage


Repeat after Simon 1.0

Webmasters can add this interactive game on their websites for entertaining their site visitors. This game has four coloured buttons and the game...

By: Bite Size, Inc. Homepage


Reflex Tester

Test and sharpen your reflexes with this DHTML reflex tester. Calculates how fast you can react to a "HTML block" that changes color.

By: Dynamic Drive Homepage


Psychic Test

Based on the Zenner card test, this is a JavaScript game to see how well you can predict which shape will be selected.

By: Ted Kappes Homepage


pousse-pousse 2.0

pousse-pousse is a very small yet an entertaining JavaScript puzzle game to test your patience. In this game a picture is fragmented and rearranged...

By: javatwister Homepage


Phong II

A DHTML ping pong game with AI. Play against the computer and see if you're quick enough to win.

By: Dynamic Drive Homepage


Peeptin the minigame 1.0

This is a JavaScript puzzle game in which you have to shuffle first the number s from 1 to 15 by clicking on the shuffle button and then restore...

By: levik Homepage


Online MineSweeper

Users can play this simple and interactive online game, if they are interested. This game can be played by people of any age group, right from kids...

By: BiteSize, Inc Homepage


Mind Reader 2.IV

Mind Reader is a game that knows what number you're thinking of. It first asks you to pick a number between 1 and 63 (in your head) and then asks...

By: Darren Cummings Homepage


Lottery Picker

Chuck your superstitions to the side, and put your lottery dreams in this script instead. This JavaScript generates 6 random 2-digit numbers for...

By: Kurt Grigg Homepage