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Submit Once

Submit Once is a small JavaScript that can be incorporated in a form of your web site if you want that your visitors do not re-submit again and...

By: Submit Once Homepage


Chained Selects

Chained Selects is a simple and effective application that helps webmasters to implement chained lists on their online forms. You can define your...

By: Xin Yang Homepage


Check All / Clear All links for dynamic check-boxes

This is a JavaScript that can be incorporated in your webpage to enable checking and clearing of a list of records that are produced dynamically....

By: Anita Walker Homepage


Select All/None Select List

This is a simple JavaScript showing how to select all or none of the items in a select list. All the items are shown (not a drop down list) only to...

By: JS-Examples Homepage


Confirmable Order Form

Confirmable Order Form is a freeware JavaScript that uses the free form cgi script to mail an order form submitted by any customer....

By: Confirmable Order Form Homepage


Auto tab (form field) script

This script "auto tabs" a form field (and jumps to another field) once the length of the field's value has exceeded a certain length. It works in...

By: JavaScript Kit Homepage


Date Input with PopUp Calendar n/a

Here we want to introduce our version of date input control with visual input from calendar. This control is based on JavaScript code and was...

By: Andrey Karasev Homepage


DHTML Sortable Grid Control (With Form Elements) 1.0

This Script can sort on form elements and the elements are based on a grid. This sortable grid is a cross-browser 100% client side solution in...

By: Robbe D. Morris Homepage


Date Format Validator

Date Format Validator is a simple and easy to maintain JavaScript that can be incorporated in your webpage to enhance it with a form validator that...

By: Premshree Pillai Homepage


Select List Of Current Month

This is a JavaScript example that creates a menu (drop down select list) of all the days in the current month. The current date is selected by...

By: JS-Examples Homepage