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Title Bar Clock

Title Bar Clock is a JavaScript that can implement a clock display on the title bar of windows if your browser is either IE4 or up and also in...

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Title Bar Date Display

This is an easy to use java script that helps users to show date currently on their web page title bar. Date can be displayed with day, month, date...

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Times around the World

Times around the World is a freeware JavaScript, which can be made to work in your web pages by placing the serverclock.txt in the HEAD section of...

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Time Till Hour

Time Till Hour can be incorporated into your webpage to display the time in ?XX Till Hour? format. The script displays the time in casual English...

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Text Clock

Text Clock gives you two options to choose from. One is to select the format in which the time has to appear and the second is the type of clock by...

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Text Clock Generator

Text Clock Generator is an online clock builder that can generate clock on the web pages. Date can displayed in multiple format like, month, date...

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SuperClock is small JavaScript, which can be integrated into your web site without any programming knowledge to implement a day, date and time...

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Stop Watch II

Stop Watch II is a wonderful JavaScript to implement a Stop Watch in your webpage that can display hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. The...

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Status Date, Time Display

Users can display date and time on their web pages by using this program. This is developed with java and can be easily customized. Users can...

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SNUBT - Snarkles.Net Useless Binary Time

This is a java based LED like clock that can be displayed on any websites. This program shows time in a binary mode. Users can read this led and...

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On/Off Clock

As the name suggests the On/Off Clock is a clock in JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display the current time. The script...

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Live Date

A script that displays a live date, in the format of Sunday, June 07, 2004 9:22:58 PM, and is updated every second.

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KZmanJS 1.I

KzmanJS is a JavaScript that implements the display of important Jewish prayer times known as the halachic times. You can easily modify the script...

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KDateJS (display Hebrew date)

This is an online date displayer that helps users to display hebrew date on their web pages. Date can be displayed in a format such as, month, date...

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JSClock 0.1

This is a JavaScript code snippet to implement a versatile clock. With this script you can generate more active clocks and you can display...

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JavaScript Clock

JavaScript Clock is a JavaScript that displays the current time second by second. It displays in the clock in the 24 hour (military) format in the...

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Hiox Time Ticker 1.0

This is a javascript and webmasters can utilize this as a tool to display current time on their websites. This clock displays accurate time with...

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Flexible JavaScript Date Display

This is an online date displayer that helps users to display current date in a format like, date, month and year on their web pages. They can have...

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Dynamic Clock

Dynamic clock is a JavaScript, which can incorporate a date and time display in which the time is displayed second by second in the am/pm (12 hour)...

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dsInput 0.1

dsInput is an useful javascript utility using which you can select specific dates for your calender application. This program is designed with...

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