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Webix Menu is a JavaScript widget designed to make your web navigation user-friendly and visually appealing. It lets your end-users select important items from a list of easily triggered grouped items (submenus).
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Static/Dynamic modes
Webix Menu offers two modes of displaying submenus. The first one is static and the menu is fully expanded at all times. The second is a dynamic mode, meaning the parent menu is always static while its children are displayed as soon as user holds his mouse over the main menu.
Highly Customizable
You can freely customize menu widgets to the appearance you desire and then integrate them into your website or application.
Vertical/Horizontal Arrangement
The widget’s submenus can be arranged vertically and horizontally, enabling you to use them in any side-orientated layout.
Easy Styling with CSS
You can easily define the appearance of the Menu with CSS, which significantly saves you time and allows for better control over the layout of your web pages.
Browsers Compatibility
Menu operates accurately in widely-used browsers such as IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari
Ready for Touch Devices
Webix Menu can take part in building mobile web apps that operate on touch devices like iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc.


Dynamic Mode - Javascript - Menu - Static Mode - Submenus - Web Navigation - Widget

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