JavaScript Horizontal Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer v7.0 7.0

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Javascript Horizontal Scroller runs any number of Messages/Images to the left even wider than the conveyer's width and with as many rows as desired. Pauses for every Message/Image and with mouse over. Size, speed, pause and background are adjustable. Options: 1)first message shows at left/right edge 2)working within scrolling area: a)single, pausing at left edge/centered then while scrolling left next one comes in b)more-up-to-area-size, messages going round with every one pausing at left edge and a blank space automatically set after each 3)speed/ stop Live. It allows local, internal & external Style Sheets and also local, internal & any external/remote javascript-text-friendly- code source to feed messages from. Windows/Linux: ie4+ firefox1+ ns6+ opera7+ ns4+. Mac OS X: Safari ie5+ firefox1+ opera7+. Payment options: Credit Card - PayPal - Fax Ordering - Postal Mail - Phone.


Dhtml Horizontal Scroller - Horizontal Scroller - Javascript Horizontal Scroller

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