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Zapatec DHTML Calendar 1.02

This calendar lets users pick a date from a popup or flat calendar. The calendar wizard makes it a snap to create a calendar with just the features...

By: Dror Matalonaaaa Homepage


Unobtrusive Javascript Date-picker

An Unobtrusive, keyboard accessible, JavaScript date-picker widgit that requires no embedded JavaScript blocks or outdated Pop-Up windows.

By: Brian McAllisteraaaa Homepage


Universal Calendar

JavaScript Calendar Control (Simplify entry of date fields on your web-pages). Features -Widest browser support -Speed and small footprint...

By: Manoj Agarwalaaaa Homepage


Pop-Up Calendar

This is a clean pop-up calendar that shows all dates between 1900 and 2100.

By: Steve Saaaa Homepage


DateClick 1.0

DateClick is an ultra-fast popup calendar that allows your user to move between months, years, or even decades with speed and efficiency. Cut down...

By: Philip Daaaa Homepage


Calendar Scripts

This is a large collection of calendar scripts.

By: Uncle Jimaaaa Homepage


Calender Genenerator 1.00

JavaScript Calender generator lets you enter date's and forms a javascript calender using those date's. Available options: Current day events...

By: Roel S.F. Abspoelaaaa Homepage